Taxonomy & Images of Organisms


Domain: Bacteria

Kingdom: N/A

Phylum: Cyanobacteria


Possesses trichomes



Also has trichomes, & a glycocalyx slimelayer


Genus: Gloeocapsa

Single cells with glycocalyx caspules


Genus: Anabaena


Genus: Spirulina









Special Structures –

Heterocysts – Contain enzymes for conducting nitrogen fixation. Nitrogen fixation is the process of bacteria capturing N in gas form w/ enzymes in their body.

Akinetes It serves as a survival structure. It is a resting cell of cyanobacteria and unicellular and filamentous green algae.[2] Under magnification, akinetes appear thick walled with granular-looking cytoplasms.

Trichomes – Stacks of cells


Eurkaryotic Cells

Most are multicellular but some are unicellular

Nutrition – Release digestive enzymes into environment & then absorb nutrients from broken down organic material.

3 Major groups:

  1. Molds (filamentous)
  2. Fleshy fungi
  3. yeasts (unicellular)

Domain – Eukarya

Kingdom – Fungi

Phylum – Oomycota

Albugo bliti

Albugo blitiAlbugo bliti

Sexual oospores




Saprolegnia Saprolegnia

1st image – oogonium w/ sexual oospores

2nd image – asexual sporangiospores

Phylum: Zygomycota

Rhizopus stolonifer

Rhizopus stolonifer – sporangium w/ asexual sporangiospores

Rhizopus stolinifer –  Sexual zygospore


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