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Good luck to any pre-nursing students reading this. I just got accepted into CSULB’s Nursing program for the Spring ’14! It will happen.



I know we already covered this section a few weeks ago, but this video was pretty cool so I still want to share it.

How to find a lecture…

I slightly reorganized. If you are looking for lecture notes they can be found under the “Find a Lecture” tab to the right of the page, and will be categorized by the week. Just click on which week and it will have the Lab & Lecture by day. Under the header tabs “WEEK 1”, “WEEK 2” etc, you can find study help for an upcoming quiz &/or test for that week.

Day 1

1 day down, 30 to go. After 4 hours of lecture (sigh) I have regurgitated all the information back onto here (under the tab “Week 1”). Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. You will always find the notes under the specified week.

I began creating flashcards of all the pictures and terms we need to know. Here is the link, I will add more soon…

See you bright and early tomorrow.


Hello World

I created a blog to help organize the massive amounts of information about to be heaved into my lap in an eight week period, that I will then have to shove into my brain. Shove, trick, coerce whatever tactic works. As will you! So, hopefully this blog proves to be a good study tool for me, and since it feels a little weird to create a blog for myself alone, to share it with you too.

You will find my lecture notes, vocabulary study guides and whatever bit of sanity I have left on here. Please feel free to correct any information I may have wrong or to expand on a concept.

Disclaimer: This is the internet. Any information posted on this site or links to another site is NOT to be regarded as accurate, correctly spelled or intelligent thought. There will be many grammatical errors, thought blunders and possibly lack of a post. “MICROFOUR” cannot be held responsible for a bad grade or blow to your ego. Happy studying.